At Igneos, a boutique management consulting firm,we believe our people’s high levels of engagement and flexibility,and our joint ability to combine analytical methods and insights to straightforward actions,are key to delivering true benefit to your company.

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Friday May 4, 2018 in Uncategorized

Building a new structure for a large company’s future growth products

One of our clients recently reflected upon their future reason for existing, and decided to start preparing for a more sustainable tomorrow. As [...]

Tuesday January 17, 2017 in General

Have a challenge today?

What business challenges are you facing? Which markets are right for my product and brand? How can I best differentiate my products and services? [...]

Thursday January 5, 2017 in General & Project Questions

Currently working on…

Because we learn so much during our project work and have such a great time, we would like to share some of the questions we are working on with [...]


Igneos, your boutique consulting firm working alongside your people.

We believe in the importance of stepping in, asking the questions others don’t, taking initiative and action, while bringing your people on board.

From the inside out, we uncover the fascinating and revealing insights that help you turn your business challenges into winning opportunities for growth. Because that is how we build the answers and strategic options for your business: by using your organization’s DNA, and working together with your people. 

With their endorsement, and our consultants’ diverse experience, the resulting strategy is bound to be a perfect fit. This is how we formulate a clear and coherent action plan, setting your organization up for profitable growth and endurance.

Our services

How we create results

At Igneos, we work across multiple levels of your organization, alongside your people.
We aim to develop and deploy strategies helping you respond to your commercial and organizational challenges, enhancing your organization’s competitiveness, governance and internal collaboration:


We translate your vision into clear and actionable management plans, rooted in a proven methodology, adaptive to your organization’s specific situation.


Because a project’s success depends on the market’s response and on your organization’s endorsement equally, we work across multiple levels of your organization, alongside your people, leveraging the strengths of your internal teams to ensure fluent adoption and effective implementation of your plans.

  • Strategic Management

    Strategy is a never ending journey. We are here to help you make your strategy a reality. By helping you understand and evaluate your strategic options.
    By helping you set the right strategic directives. And, most importantly: By [...]

  • Commercial Management

    Looking for opportunities for growth or ways to address them? We are here to help. Combining our rapid yet thorough customer and product portfolio analysis with our marketing and sales experience, we bring you a sustainable path to making your commercial plans [...]

  • Organization, Processes & People

    Change cannot happen without your people. And for growth to happen, change is necessary. That’s why we work so often with our clients on organizational change and governance. We identify ways to improve processes and structures, to enhance modes of collaboration [...]

  • References, Case Studies and Testimonials

    Through our work, we have been proud to work for and with organizations of all kinds: large multinational manufacturing companies as well as local service providers, and everything in between. We are more than happy to talk with you about what kind of challenges – expected and [...]

Who we are

Igneos is a management consulting firm, focused mainly on B2B, B2Channel and public institutions, intimately believing that sustainable profit and results are only a consequence of the value generated by a company or organization for its customers and users.Thus, leveraging its proven customer-centric and participative management process, bringing together an international team of experts with rich and diverse backgrounds, Igneos develops customer centric strategies and tactics to generate sustainable profit and results.

Integrity & transparency

In the way we conduct business and interact with people, integrity is what we live by. We conduct business in a candid way and we communicate openly and fairly. We stand up and take accountability. We are convinced that this way of interacting strengthens our impact and culture in everything we do.

Strive for Impact

We take pride in creating an impact for your organization. One that is based on your reality, and one your organization and team will benefit from for a long time coming. Whether this impact can be measured in figures or whether it is a new impulse to your new way of working, we always ensure you that you will move forward. We do this by stepping in and acting as a catalyst to make this impact work for you.

Culture of sharing

We believe in team work so we can bring the best of our knowledge to the table and inspire each other. We build on each other’s strengths and experiences to jointly create new solutions and thought patterns. We continuously learn from, and analyse our successes and errors, in an encouraging and energizing environment of direct feedback and constructive advice/guidance.

Some references we can disclose

Our team

The Coordinator

Thibaut is an expert in quickly putting the finger on the problem. The real [...]

The Planner

Gaël has a knack for unveiling the inner workings of your company and your [...]

The Solution finder

Anne-Leen is always looking for a way to bring a spark to your business. [...]

Xavier de VILLEPIN
Xavier de VILLEPIN
The Investigator

Xavier has built a fine record of bringing innovative thinking to number- [...]

The Quarterback

Throughout his career, Xavier has always combined his strong marketing [...]

The Numbers Modeller

Louis is quickly becoming one of our go-to guys for analytical work (think [...]

Julien DAHIN
Julien DAHIN
(so fresh, he still has to earn himself a fitting moniker)

Our Junior analyst Julien is a student in management sciences. He prefers [...]

Why not join us?

Igneos supports business leaders to respond to their commercial and strategic challenges. If that sounds appealing to you, why not join us ? We are always eager to meet fascinating people who share our vision and want to reach our clients’ goals together.

  • Junior graduate

    Want to avoid the beaten track? Create your own career path, instead of following your classmates or colleagues to the standard destinations? Do you get excited when you imagine yourself helping companies in multiple industries to deal with their tactical and strategic challenges?

    If you understand how valuable it is to work in an experienced team with people who take time to help you grow, we may make a great match. In order to be most successful, you should speak French and/or Dutch fluently, and preferably have a good proficiency in both, as well as a solid command of English. If you have a decent set of analytical skills, an independent mind, an empathic attitude and an enthusiastic sense for business results, we definitely want to get to know you.

    Joining a young company founded by experienced management consultants, you will benefit from the top combination of professionalism and entrepreneurial spirit. Get visibility, by bringing your fresh view on solutions we deliver to clients, and at the same time, participate in managing Igneos‘ growth.

    Tell us about yourself and apply for the Junior Consultant position.

  • Business consultant


    Love working in management consulting, but looking for more oxygen to spend time away from work — without sacrificing your career? We at Igneos get what you mean, we’ve been there, too. We believe you can have the best of both worlds: Exciting projects and inspiring co-workers and a variety of industries and top clients — and still be in time to pick up your kids from school or join your friends for an afternoon of kite-surfing on any given day. That’s what we offer you, and you can help us build a firm that can continue to offer that. Come talk to us and let’s build that dream job together!

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